Clients come to us from all walks of life, potentially experiencing prolonged or repeat injury and pain. Traditional models of physiotherapy can tend to treat injury alone & not focus enough on the cause of injury resulting in a merry-go-round of treatment often leading to minimal real world and sustained results for people.

Alongside the F2F Wellness Continuum we are changing the way people perceive physiotherapy into their lifestyle approach





our passion for pre and post pregnancy strength and rehabilitation cannot be denied. mums to be and new mums face physical challenges that often we feel are just par for the course and part of being a mum, we often put up and shut up. we are proud to offer our specialised experience and a caring environment in all aspects of women’s health physiotherapy with our head clinician Jess





more Attention more often specific to you!

We know through experience that there is a health & wellness ‘setpoint’ that exists, an imaginary stop point where people feel ‘better’ about their situation, they stop treatments to then return, ready or not to full capacity or worse still to do nothing at all. The result either way is often they end up back where they started, in the clinic or back in a rehabilitation phase. Its this repeat cycle that costs us time and energy that we’d rather be spending elsewhere.


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