To genuinely make people’s lives better we want to show you that someone genuinely cares!!

We are driven to develop humans through an understanding of a work ethic on whatever level relevant to them, the key for people is to understand there is always a start point for them as an individual. You‘ll always belong at F2F

To provide longevity and variation in peoples workouts and to ensure people embrace movement and exercise in their lives. For F2F our educating you represents so much more than physical development, it’s a mental expectation on self that we pride ourselves on instilling in our people.

F2F represents a core belief that to truly improve your life and the people involved in it the process starts with your personal development both physical and mental.

We have established a culture of acceptance and belonging that embraces all abilities and backgrounds in the aims of creating a renowned and recognised business that is for individuals to thrive and find place within the group.


We are a culture of acceptance, of positive relationships a culture of encouragement and work ethic.


A place of exposure to new concepts, we are an atmosphere that encourages you to establish new limits in both physical and mental capability through the environment.


Our focus is client care the attention to detail and finer points in exercise and mechanics.


Our passion and genuine drive is for helping humans get into a better physical and mental space through exercise, movement and positive lifestyle habits.


No egos, no elitism just positive attitude, relationships and education behind the application. An understanding and self-awareness that a change needs to come from within, that you are the only one capable and responsible for initiating and sustaining change.

about F2F

For F2F the traditional gyms have had their day in our opinion, the days where you go and sign up to use a treadmill or cross trainer or wait for a bench to push weights around are finished.


We understand that you’re looking for new and exciting ways to train, you’re looking to incorporate fitness that will serve them well in everyday life, being in an environment that discourages ego and elitism.


F2F wants people to understand the importance of work ethic and the fact for a desired result the work must be put in, there are no long lasting short cuts in life.


F2F is about enthusiasm to participate that ensures longevity in peoples training we get immeasurable amounts of satisfaction when clients are hitting their goals and making genuine lifestyle changes that can literally change the course of not only their lives but the lives of their families and love ones too.


F2F takes away the mundane in fitness the repetition of tradition gym formats that sees clients fall out of favor with their lifestyles.


F2F is a cross training / small group training gym, you will never do the same session here, ever!!

Over the course of the week we offer on rotation through both the AM and PM

timetabling several opportunities to take advantage of our:

• HIIT / small group training (SGT) style classes

• Boxing classes

• suspension training classes (TRX)

• stretch and mobility classes (sweat & stretch)

We pride ourselves on being so much more than a gym for our community and clients our absolute purpose at F2F is to keep you excited, to keep you motivated in not only your fitness but we love to impact your life.

We want you to keep turning up day in day, week in week out

We have built an environment that embraces all abilities, shapes and backgrounds; we pride ourselves on building an expectation within people that will finally see you hitting results in your wants for yourself.



New to or have been out of the gym and or activity for a while?

As you can tell, you’re exactly why F2F and our concept was established at f2f no one is left behind!


We have established a unique program in PASS 4 CLASS that is in part the initial physical assessment along with the introduction to all the movement and skill that will then allow our trainers to get to your body specifically.


The PASS 4 CLASS program is set up to achieve 2 things:


• Ensure that our trainers get to know you individually

• To ensure that you’re equipped with baseline skills and education to allow

you to enter the classes and SGT safely and with competence


1 on 1:

This is our premium option in personal training giving you the full attention of our trainers.

All our sessions are programmed specifically to your abilities and are progressed as you development under the guidance of your own trainer



Up to 3 (clients) on 1 (trainer):

Share a trainer and share the costs with a friend or another client looking to join an EGT session.


F2F still offers up the services of our amazing trainers but in EGT you get a small exclusive group to train in with. The traditional 1 on 1 is not the only option anymore.


F2F EGT makes for a great opportunity for you to get involved in PT at a reduced rate that may see you able to get involved more often.


Depending on the group dynamic and what it is that you specifically want from your training you may find yourself involved in anything from a team’s session or circuit HIIT or you’ll receive your own programming catered specifically to your needs and wants directly.


You’ll receive your own attention either way or you’ll benefit from the specialisation and extra attention of an F2F PT.




F2F has several options in nutrition not only in programming and plans but also in nutritional advice and experience with our qualified staff.


You’ll hear all the time, that you can’t out train a bad diet or that it's "80% diet and 20% training"


F2F agrees it doesn’t matter how accountable you make yourself here in the gym, you can train 7 days a week but if you’re eating isn’t where it needs to be, you’ll never see results like you want to.


Ask us how you can start to learn and implement more in your eating today!!




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